Laff It OffLAFF IT OFF! by George Wallace and Dan Ewen

Some people say that the stress of the “real world” is what stops the laughter from coming. When you grow up there are bills to pay. You’ve got to work a nine-to-five. You’ve got relationship troubles. But come on, people, you don’t think a kid deals with stuff too? There’s a bully on the playground, a math test the next day. Their teeth are falling out of their heads. Parents are yelling at ‘em to eat their broccoli. Kids have their own problems, but they still find a way to laugh their pint-sized behinds off. So why can’t the adults have some fun? Does it all have to be so darned serious? Why can’t we find the laughter in our lives? I believe we can.

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About the author: George Wallace is a comedian, actor and writer hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. For as long as he can remember he has enjoyed making people laugh, and for 35 years he’s been honored to do so professionally. He has been named one of Comedy Central’s top 100 standup comics of all time, and was recently honored for his lifetime achievements at the Soul Train Awards. George has spent a decade as a headliner at the world famous Flamingo in Las Vegas. Humor has served him well over the years, and he hopes to help others also live life with smiles on their faces.

Dan Ewen is a comedy writer and producer from Athens, Georgia. Dan has written jokes for several years, and has penned screenplays for various studios. Ewen is currently both scripting and producing the franchise reboot ‘Son of Ernest’. He resides in Santa Monica, CA with his lovely wife and merciless twins.